Nice day out

Today we had planned to head north, to a Big W (had to return an accidental double purchase!), aunt & uncle and then  . However, aunt is having chemo right now, and while I was pretty certain Miss Four is now fine, as are Master Seven and me (thank goodness! Either it was something she ate, or Dettol disinfectant handwash is a WONDER), it just wasn’t worth the risk. So instead of going to hot Cockburn Gateway, which we like but already know quite well, we headed south to the other closest Big W in Mandurah. A tweet after I asked if anyone was around,   said we were welcome to visit, which was great, as hadn’t seen them in a while, and wanted to catch up.

We headed to Big W with a few things we needed to do – I was EXTREMELY cross to find the game case (purchased two weekends ago in Bunbury) was empty! This was the second one in a WEEK! Apparently the register staff at places like Big W and Target are too stupid to tell you they can’t put games through at the main registers, leaving you with very disappointed small children when you find the cases empty weeks or months later when they get them for birthdays/Christmas! Couldn’t believe it! Bunbury Big W are posting out the game disk, but then I still have to go return it (ahem, already HAD it from eBay and hadn’t realised…). But anyway… Managed to find the few other things we needed, including the first box of newborn nappies, and more Christmas cards, which was more of a challenge than I thought it would be! Stores must be running their stock down, as there were no 20-packs of nice looking cards of a REGULAR size in the usual places. Finally found some nice packs of 10 in Woollies, but there was only a few packs left. I guess they figure if you’re leaving it this late… (I have started, but still have a few more to do!).

Then we headed to  ‘s, just down the road, and spent a lovely few hours enjoying their company and aircon (and a foot massage! Was wonderful!). There were some extra small children there, which made Miss Four very happy, and it was, as usual, a thoroughly pleasant afternoon.

On the way home, I decided I really needed a new digital camera, so got on eBay and found a second-hand EOS 300D (I have an old SLR EOS 300, which has two great lenses – all compatible with the digital version, but which I stopped using when I went compact a few years ago). I’m not getting the quality I want from the compacts any more, but didn’t want to fork out thousands for the new Canon DSLRs, so figured I’d see if I used this one at a cheaper price. New baby means lots of photos needed 🙂 Also found a slim-line, nice-looking, moveable bassinet online, so we might head down to Baby on a Budget tomorrow if they’re open and grab one. Never had a bassinet, but with a bit less space, the heat, and visitors due during the first few months, think it’ll be the way to go til after Easter. Then the only thing needed I think is a new cupboard/drawers for Miss Four, so I can pinch the baby change table/drawers off her! Still not entirely sure where all this is going to go. Thinking the desk in the spare/baby room might get the axe. Don’t need or use it anymore now we’ve gone laptop… Tomorrow, I hit the shed for sorting and chucking – here’s hoping it’s not *too* hot…

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