Silly Season

Clearly, when it’s been almost a week between updates, the wind up to the end of the year is in full swing. Things have been an absolute madhouse this past week. Last weekend was spent marking final assignments and exams, then a couple of sessions of reporting early in the week. Was delighted that two of my kiddies were top of the whole Year 10 General English cohort (not so delighted that I also had the bottom three, including the only "E"! Interesting spread…) In the library, this time of year is nuts for trying to get bookhire and library books back in – lots of trees killed in the overdue notices process *sigh* However, this year we’ve done pretty darn well at getting things in, which means less invoices for poor office staff to organise next week. Making things worse is of course the fact that I won’t be BACK after the holidays, so have so much to organise/finalise to ensure things are as smooth as possible for my staff in the very hectic period at the beginning of the year! Not easy. On top of that, we actually managed to get the Yearbook printed and delivered to the school on the day we wanted it! While this was wonderful, and meant we had achieved our goal of, for the first time ever, getting the book out to students before they finished for the year, it also meant a mad rush to sort and organise the handout procedure. We also took advantage of the opportunity to really hammer home to kids that there are consequences of not handing in books (or having outstanding charges for damaged texts!) by flagging them as NOT being allowed to collect their Yearbooks if they had stuff outstanding. Not a popular decision (and not one supported by some teachers, which wasn’t useful), but it did mean a few bills got paid, and I daresay a lot more will come in Monday! Yearbook looks great, bar one errant apostrophe in a TITLE (damnit! Typically, it was a page I simply didn’t get a proper proof of) and, sadly, one quite important article that was completely left out. Am working on an errata insert to try to alleviate that problem, but still not good.

On the home front, we had Master Seven’s cricket wind up last weekend, Miss Four’s daycare Christmas concert and party on Monday morning, 32 week doctor appointment Monday afternoon, dinner out with visitors of three weeks on Wednesday (they then left Friday morning – will miss them!), Awards Night for my school Thursday night and family Christmas party put on my my school Friday 3.30 to 5.30 then Master Seven’s school Christmas concert and presentation evening from 6.30 Friday! Busy week… Which would be why social networking and editing duties have suffered severely!

I’m not sure I mentioned what a lovely birthday I had last week either! Got spoiled rotten at school – my staff in the library always go overboard with morning tea etc, and gifts too! Got True Blood S1 on DVD, plus a couple of Gold Class movie vouchers and a babysitting voucher to go with it! Will take hubby in early January hopefully! However, did go an experience Gold Class for the first time on birthday evening with a couple of the ladies from work – only New Moon was showing, but it wasn’t too bad in the end, and the experience of Gold Class was lovely 🙂

Next week will be less hectically paced I think, but still pretty full on, trying to get ready for actually not BEING there any more! Plus I’m certain there’s still Christmas presents I haven’t got organised, and a million and six other things that have to happen in the next two weeks! Hopefully this weekend will be relatively restful, girding loins for the busyness ahead! Couple of important things on the agenda are:
* Doctor appointment Tuesday morning that will hopefully result in firm baby date
* last day of school (with Christmas luncheon) Friday
* Mum and Dad fly in Christmas Eve, preceding a very busy couple of days with the extended family

And I really must write some Christmas cards and post them at some point real soon! Busy!

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