Mini-Reviews #14

In the madness that was the final weeks of Aurealis reading, I think my spreadsheet got a little lost, but I’ll do my best:

The Child Thief, Brom – A dark and gritty Peter Pan retelling – engrossing and beautifully put together (gorgeous illustrations and writing).

The Mermaid’s Madness, Jim C Hines – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both Jim’s "fairy tale" novels, and am really looking forward to Red Hood’s Revenge. Jim has a knack for characterisation and dialogue, and I love the darkness in these seemingly light stories.

The Dragon Book, Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann (eds.) – Massive book, with some great stories. Highlights at Last Short Story.

Flashforward, Robert J Sawyer, 319pp. – Heavy science and not altogether believable characterisation, but a good read. Don’t expect the tv show though – it’s not at ALL the same thing! (Review at ASIF!)

And Another Thing…, Eoin Colfer – A worthy follow up, well in the tone of the originals, and a very good effort by Colfer. (Review at ASIF!)

Tempted (House of Night series), PC & Kristin Cast – Not my favourite in this series. Seemed to fall prey to common series problem of lots of back story dumping, lots of protagonist internal monologue and not a lot of story progression. Got better in the second half though.

Books I’m not discussing due to Aurealis judging:
The Nest Paul Jennings
Cupid’s Arrow Isabelle Merlin
The zoo of magical and mythological creatures Sam Bowring
Liar Justine Larbalestier (was withdrawn from AA contention by the author – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)
The Puzzle Ring Kate Forsyth
The Reformed Vampire Support Group Catherine Jinks
Third Transmission Jack Heath
Leviathan Scott Westerfeld
Worldshaker Richard Harland
A small free kiss in the dark Glenda Miller
The Museum of Mary Child Cassandra Golds
Siggy and Amber Doug McLeod

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