Catchup post

Been a while since I updated, so dot points must needs be the format today!

  • Master Seven’s birthday pool party declared a success on Sunday. Even better, thanks to resident house guests (family friends here for cancer treatment for three weeks), house was even tidier straight after the party than it was just before! Bliss not having to clean up… Have photos, but haven’t downloaded yet.
  • I am 30 weeks pregnant today. Had my pre-admission appointment at the local hospital, which is very nice, and the quite young midwife was delightful. I’m pleased, because it’s kind of scary going to a new hospital after the same one for two caesareans. Have appointment with the obstetrician (one of two who might be doing my c-section) on December 15 – we’ll have a B-Day booked in on that day most likely.This is all pleasing to me, as I’m not happy with the GP (who is supposedly an ante-natal specialist) I’ve been seeing – he makes me feel like a number, and that’s pretty hard to take after the wonderful doctor we used to have in QLD.
  • Work is insanely busy right now – I inherited the booklist to organise late last week (after I offered, because there’d been no progress for a *ahem* fair while, and it HAD to get done!), we’ve had Pastoral Care comments to write and proof (I ended up proofing four different batches, plus writing my own), Yearbook is at the pointy end, and I’m chasing loose ends and proofing madly, plus all the regular end of year madness we have in Bookhire and library! On top of that, we’ve not yet had any indication of what the plans are for my role next year – doesn’t look like they’re properly replacing me at this stage, which is both flattering (cos, y’know, I’m irreplaceable!) and sad, because I know that will mean things will be a lot harder when I come back, particularly as I’ll only be part-time on my return. Hopefully things will get sorted soon, and I’ll be happy with what the decision is… Considering there’s something like ten staff leaving at the end of the year, I don’t think I’m a priority right now.
  • This week is crazy – Staff meeting/PD yesterday, hospital today, WASLA AGM tomorrow in Perth, school social on Thursday, possibly Master Seven social on Friday (under negotiation!). Not sure it gets much better in the next three weeks, but at least there’s not something every day!
  • I haven’t really started on edits for Worlds Next Door yet, but hopefully things will have settled down after this week, and I’ll be able to hook into them.
  • Aurealis Awards reading is finished, and shortlist negotiation is well underway – looks like we’re nearly done actually, which is great!
  • Still reading and doing some reviews. Latest one up today at ASIF! (Eoin Colfer’s And Another Thing…). Have Tempted (latest in the House of Night series) finished ready to review, and am halfway through the new (not released til January actually!) Kylie Chan book, Earth to Hell. Another nice little pile in the bookshelf from Fiction Focus to keep me busy too 🙂
  • Keep meaning to take a belly photo, but haven’t yet. Really must get to that!

That’s caught up I think. Might try to post more regularly!

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