Good day

Miss Four stayed at her best friend’s house last night, which meant I got almost 10 hours sleep! Wonderful… Master Seven was up early, but I didn’t hear him sneak out and start watching telly 🙂 When I finally got up, we decided we’d head to Maccas for pancakes. After that was a trip to the shopping centre, where serendipitous timing meant I got my eyebrows waxed & tinted, he got his haircut, we picked up the parcel waiting at the PO (lineup there was horrendous)  and we STILL made it to the movie we wanted to watch (Astroboy – fun!). We then dropped into Target to layby a stroller for the new baby (reversible handle, $100 off!), and then wandered down to pick up the girl. 

Some of that family had just been to the petstore, and we’d been contemplating getting an easy-care fish or two, so followed their directions to the shop down the road. Ahem. Three fish and a small kitten later…! Even the petstore owner had a laugh, and called me Mrs Softy! *sigh* I’m sure I’ll regret the kitten, but it is cute. Miss Four even said "I won’t have any Christmas presents…"!!! Ah well…

In other news, we don’t have a replacement for me at work at this stage. And we’re a little nervous about how that means they’re going to handle my leave. They are really tightening belts too, for the first time in forever (new bursar sweeps clean + major building projects + economic downturn + wages rising = scary) and are even looking at my support staff. I’m frightened as to what it could mean for us, just when we’ve got things going so beautifully. Worse case, I guess I don’t really HAVE to go back to work, but boy, I’d miss it!

Really should be doing housework, as visitors arrive tomorrow, for three weeks, but am reading Flashforward instead.

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  1. Anonymous

    …a leisured weekend? I think… I think… I think I remember such things. In the dark ages. In the Before Times…

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