This is a Wordle from the (unedited) manuscript of the anthology "Worlds Next Door" (which had the working title of Spec Fic for Kids).

For those interested, we had a long list of possible titles, but the favourite of the authors in the collection came out as "Worlds Next Door" – "Far Out Fiction" was second place!


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10 responses to “Wordle!

  1. Anonymous

    You’ll be doing some ‘just’, ‘looked’ and ‘back’ culling.
    It also seems fathers are more interesting than mothers

  2. Anonymous

    Most of those ‘justs’ are probably me.

  3. Anonymous

    Hmph, I didn’t even get a chance to answer, been too busy at work… and Far Out was the name of a pre-Aurealis and pre-Eidolon Australian SF magazine which I once submitted a story to as a young man (and was rejected!), so not the best title. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    ‘Like’ is a prevalent word in young adult fiction? Surely not. That’s, like, so lame!

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