One week down, nine to go…

Week 1 of term is over – nine to go before three terms of maternity leave!, and I know it’s going to absolutely fly by! My position will be advertised tomorrow in the West Australian, and hopefully we’ll get some good applicants. Exec decision was to advertise for a teacher librarian, even though I expressly said we’d be willing to take a teacher prepared to train, or a librarian with some experience, we just want to get the right PERSON, not necessarily the right QUALIFICATION, because we know all too well that degrees don’t equal awesome 🙂 Exec wants someone they can timetable though, and I understand that, and even though they’ve made that decision, I do think they’ll be open to good applicants of any appropriate skillset, which is good. My immediate line manager is on the selection panel too, and she’ll be very keen to get someone *right*. I’m especially nervous, as it’s MY collection they’ll be overseeing, and MY staff, and MY kids! Possessive? Me?! 🙂 And also, if things go to plan, I’ll be job sharing with this person from Term 4 onwards, so we want a good fit!

So this week has been pretty full on – getting the role description for the job retweaked, organising our first major textbook orders, getting the new term underway, preparing for the Year 12s finishing up and all that stuff. And at night, I’ve been working on getting the Twelfth Planet Press novellas up as e-books over at Smashwords, which has been fairly time consuming, but worth it! So far we’ve got Angel Rising, Siren Beat and Horn up – bargain price, and all the e-formats you could want!

So I’m pretty weary right now, and brain is not functioning all that well. Big weekend ahead too – Swancon36/Natcon50 meeting tomorrow, the Master Six starts cricket Sunday and Miss 4 has been invited to a birthday party (which I’ve lost the invite for! Wonder if I have a contact…). So we won’t even be home much for a rest. Ah well, maybe next weekend…

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