Whoops, missed a day!

Yesterday was pretty busy. Four year old‘s birthday party for bit over three hours. Eight kids running riot … I LOVE the Fun Station! They seemed to have fun, and there were no real dramas. Had some nice chats with the parents in between party bits too, and we had a great party host – she drew butterflies and princesses in tomato sauce on the kids plates πŸ™‚

We then headed straight up to aunt and uncle’s for a quick visit. Aunt’s sister and hubby and daughter and hubby and 10 day old baby were there too – Miss Four was naturally enamoured with baby πŸ™‚ Was nice to see aunt’s rellies, as we hadn’t seen them since Christmas 2007. They were making the Christmas cakes for this year, as aunt is planning to have a very big family Chrissie, with her eldest and his wife and daughter coming from Chile (for the first time since nearly two year old was born), and practically all uncle’s family will be coming, including my dad and mum. This has been planned for months and months now, and aunt’s determined it’s still going ahead as SHE wants it, despite the fact she’s now having treatment for cancer, and will be having a major operation, after weeks of radiation and chemo, in early December. I’ll be 35 weeks by Christmas, and don’t think I’ll be conforming to her plan of having me and kids sleeping in the lounge room for a couple of days – too many people, not enough toilets, and I’ll need MY bed!! But we’re looking forward to seeing everyone, regardless of how the circumstance pan out.

So we were pretty weary by the end of the day – although I still stayed up and watched "27 Dresses" and finished the conversion of New Ceres Nights – and just as tired tonight, so might have an early night for the first day back at work.


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6 responses to “Whoops, missed a day!

  1. Anonymous

    heh. look how grumpy the other kid looks in the top photo!
    27 Dresses! Nice movie

    • Anonymous

      Heh, getting any more than one child in a photo to all smile together is a mammoth task!
      And I enjoyed 27 Dresses a lot – have Inkheart, PS I love you, and some other one in my queue now…

  2. Anonymous

    No-one can enjoy a birthday party like four year old girls… Your little one is gorgeous, although she does have that “I’m smiling for the bloody camera so take the bloody photo NOW!” look. My son does that too, his best photos are candid ones.

  3. Anonymous

    Cute photos! Cuter kids!

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