Final day of holidays!

We had three extra kids here for most of the day, which, except for a few bouts of refereeing, meant that the children were entertaining each other very nicely, and consequently, I got more work done!

The list of jobs post-holidays now looks like this:

X amount of book reviews (X being an unknown value, but I’m pretty sure is currently <5)FOUR reviews done today, and now my "read but not reviewed" pile is gone!
If house settlement is enjoyed, organise new aircon, freestanding dishwasher and perhaps pool equipment.
Marking – four assignments – got three done – one essay left to go
TPP jobs (Fictionwise, newsletter, Shiny 6) – Got New Ceres Nights finished, and some helpful ideas from layout friends might make it easier for the next lot…
WASLA newsletter – received president’s article today, and got my photos from the conference cleaned up and downsized.
Finish slushing and finalise Spec Fic for Kids lineup!Pretty much done!
Edits on Spec Fic for Kids
Last Short Story reading – Plugging away – keep finding new things I want to read! Started Season 2 of Shadow Unit yesterday…
Aurealis reading – on track
Tidy and clear out spare room – Definitely getting visitors early November, so will get on it
New publishing project
Clean up shed (husband keeps chucking things in there – no rhyme or reason to it!)
Return packing boxes to removalist
Yearbook for school (supposedly to be at proof ready by week 3) – one more article received today – still about 12 or 15 outstanding.

I’m actually fairly pleased with how much I got done in the last two weeks, especially considering that three days were at the conference. Got some pretty important stuff done, the house looks fairly respectable, and a bunch of to do lists were knocked over – I’m even down to THREE emails in my inbox! Freaky… So, in all, a good break I think. We had some fun, got some jobs finished, good balance.

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