Holidays nearly done

It is absolutely astonishing how quickly two weeks goes by! We started holidays exactly two weeks ago (with the Friday extra off), and once again, I haven’t achieved nearly as much as I’d hoped. Having said that, I’m pleased by what I have got done, and will probably get a fair bit more done in the next two days (always the way!). Well, maybe not tomorrow, as we have the four-year-old birthday party tomorrow, then a visit to the aunt and uncle in the afternoon (not for too long though). Sunday is looking pretty clear though, and hopefully hubby and boy will go off fishing for a few hours with one of hubby’s workmates, so might have a peaceful day then!

Master Six’s week-long swimming lessons finished today. Miss Four and I also enjoyed going to the pool each day, and she’s loving the swimming! We decided she could easily pass Level 1 🙂 Daddy came along today as well, and they all had a bunch of turns on the waterslide. Have enrolled the boy in two weeks just after Christmas – hopefully we get early lessons (but not TOO early!).

So, the list looks like this…

X amount of book reviews (X being an unknown value, but I’m pretty sure is currently <5) – this is bad that I haven’t done ANY yet, as usually I catch up on heaps on the hols! Will endeavour to get a couple done this weekend! 
Enjoy house settlement!
If house settlement is enjoyed, organise new aircon, freestanding dishwasher and perhaps pool equipment. Rang for a quote for aircon install, but am playing phone tag with the installer. The freestanding dishwasher may be a challenge, but I might go to a REAL electrical store…
Marking – four assignments – one and a half down today…
Go through clothes and bedding and get rid of a bunch – have decimated my wardrobe, deciding nothing is going to fit for at least six months, so it might as well be packed away! Very bare wardrobe now!
Sell boat (this may be a problem with husband and son, but seriously, we’ve had it TWO YEARS and it’s NEVER been used! Hubby has no boat licence and the boat is no longer registered! Waste of space…)broached subject this evening – hubby not impressed!
Get WA drivers’ licence – yeah yeah, been here two years now… Heh, fail again.
National Library Conference (three days)
Organise and have Miss Three’s 4th birthday party! Have bought invites, have pressies, just the party really. (booked venue and wrote party invites, ordered special balloons!) – lolly bags done, presents wrapped!
Entertain children!
TPP jobs (Fictionwise, newsletter, Shiny 6) – am three quarters done with New Ceres Nights for Fictionwise. Very slow…
WASLA newsletter – put the call out for articles, brief reflections on the conference and photos…
Finish slushing and finalise Spec Fic for Kids lineup! – Waiting on one resub, have one rewrite to read, and done!
Last Short Story reading – Got an antho in the mail yesterday and six copies of F&SF to read – might help me catch up a bit!
Aurealis reading – Random House book delivery is stuck at the depot because the delivery company is pathetic. Otherwise, reasonably on track.

Jobs added for weekends in term 4:
Tidy and clear out spare room – hopefully we’ll have some visitors soon, which will force my hand on this one!
New publishing project
Clean up shed (husband keeps chucking things in there – no rhyme or reason to it!)
Return packing boxes to removalist
Yearbook for school (supposedly to be at proof ready by week 3).

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