Productive Holiday day!

It finally happened – a productive day where I can actually SEE the difference! I got all the mountains of clothes folded and put away, except for 10 or so things that need an iron before hanging. I also FINALLY got the three boxes of bathroom and dressing table *stuff* that has been sitting in the way in the bedroom unpacked, chucked out a heap of crap, and put the rest away where it should be.

Got two skips delivered today, so hubby can get rid of all the rubbish he’s been collecting since working on the new house – a lot of green waste, but some other stuff that can’t be mixed with the green waste, hence the TWO skips! I’ll try to get into the shed again before the end of the hols and dice some more stuff there too.

The other "house" goal for the holidays is the spare room – since Dad’s visit, it’s become the repository for junk (mostly thanks to my darling husband, who doesn’t really understand that cleaning up means putting things where they BELONG, not just shuffling them to a different space…). Need to do a bit of filing, now that tax is complete, and find some new homes for stuff. Really won’t take all that long, just procrastinating on it.

Also finished the first round reading for Spec Fic for Kids today. I’ve accepted 16 stories so far, and now have a few stories to read over again to see if they fit in with those stories. At no more than 3500 words each (for the MOST part!), I would like around 20 stories, but reckon I could get away with a couple more if I need to! Had a great response to the call for submissions, and really high quality stories, so slushing has been tough!

Paid Missy’s b’day party deposit (for Saturday, although so far we’ve only got one other guest! Hope people RSVP tonight/tomorrow!) and chose menu for that – might be a very peaceful party… Now just have to organise cake. Eep. Should make one for us at home tomorrow too!

And we’ve finished off the day with swimming lesson for Master Six and a lovely big swim for Miss Three (FOUR tomorrow!) and I. The pool is lovely and warm (although I’m starting to get very strange about the amount of germy things I know are in it! Ah, how I miss the innocence of youth…) and Missy just LOVES it.

I really, really need to get the marking out. Procrastinating on that does NOT make it any better! But otherwise, I’m quite pleased with myself today.

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