Well, that was a bust!

Got a text message from a work friend today – did I want to meet up with the girls and do pizza and "Fame"? Hmmm, short notice, thinks I of the two children. Text my regular babysitter. She can’t, but her sister (who has also looked after the kids before) can. Yay! Text back, yep, I’ll be there! Was asked to check movie times, no worries, done. Planned rest of day around evening outing. Turn up at meeting place. Hmmm. Closed. Text friend, then ring. "You did mean tonight right?" 

Heh. She’s horrified. She thought she put TOMORROW in the text (I checked, she didn’t, nor in any of the subsequent three messages!). So I had a choice – go home and send babysitter home (which I felt bad about), or take advantage of a night on my own and catch a movie anyway! Soonest session starting at either cinema was "Mao’s Last Dancer", and I’d seen a preview that made me want to watch it, so I did (after a detour to find a magazine to keep me occupied in the intervening half hour, get the car washed and post some mail!).

SO glad I did! It was just wonderful! Beautiful, sad, powerful story – I just loved in, and was in floods of tears at the end. Highly recommended!

In the end, while I’m disappointed on missing out on girl time, the me time and the movie wasn’t so bad anyway.

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  1. Anonymous

    A friend dragged me to see Mao’s Last Dancer on the weekend, and while it was good, I thought we coulda been given more insight into the main character’s thoughts. The actor has an expressive face and body, but maybe a voiceover that WASN’T in broken English would have helped.
    And I’ve done the mixed-up meeting before. Turned up for dinner a week late and nobody was home. It kinda came around, though, when nobody turned up at my place one day. It’ll come around for you, too!

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