Some list achieved!

X amount of book reviews (X being an unknown value, but I’m pretty sure is currently <5)
Enjoy house settlement!
If house settlement is enjoyed, organise new aircon, freestanding dishwasher and perhaps pool equipment.
Marking – four assignments
Go through clothes and bedding and get rid of a bunch – have decimated my wardrobe, deciding nothing is going to fit for at least six months, so it might as well be packed away! Very bare wardrobe now!
Sell boat (this may be a problem with husband and son, but seriously, we’ve had it TWO YEARS and it’s NEVER been used! Hubby has no boat licence and the boat is no longer registered! Waste of space…)
Get WA drivers’ licence – yeah yeah, been here two years now…
National Library Conference (three days)
Organise and have Miss Three’s 4th birthday party! Have bought invites, have pressies, just the party really. (booked venue and wrote party invites, ordered special balloons!) – lolly bags done, presents wrapped!
Entertain children!
TPP jobs (Fictionwise, newsletter) (minimal progress made!) – am three quarters done with New Ceres Nights for Fictionwise. Very slow…
WASLA newsletter – put the call out for articles, brief reflections on the conference and photos…
Finish slushing and finalise Spec Fic for Kids lineup! – Getting there! Only four stories left for first reading, then a few to go back through second round…
Last Short Story reading – I’ve actually been pretty good at this. I think I’m second on the spreadsheet 🙂
Aurealis reading – two novels in the last couple of days. Have to step it up though, as there’s a bunch more on their way…


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6 responses to “Some list achieved!

  1. Anonymous

    I have gathered information that may be of assistance in the Fictionwise quest. Should be very easy – email Rob Hood for help.

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