Holidays still

The rest of the library conference was pretty good. It’s a very different experience from an SF convention (don’t look so shocked, it’s true!) and I found it a little anti-social (but I think that’s really just by comparison, as everyone was quite friendly!). However, given the average age of attendants (ie: a LOT older than me!), and the fact many of those (mainly) women have known each other for a good many years, it’s possibly to be expected. Having said that, on the FINAL day of the conference, the lovely (she’s a friend of ) tracked me down and introduced herself – the FINAL day! Anyway, at least I had someone (plus then her friend Cate also) to spend the remainder of what turned out to be the, ahem, slowest day of the conference with – nice to have good company!

However, I did come away with some new ideas and directions, which is a good thing. I tweeted a lot, using the #asla2009 tag, so you can see what I said if you’re interested 🙂 Am now gathering photos, articles and info for the WASLA newsletter, which is next job.

After those three days, I spent yesterday with the Batts and – was supposed to be a lunch date but segued into the very late afternoon! Kids were great (mostly). Miss Three had been at her friend C’s house for her first sleepover (which I’d been avoiding!) and I picked them up on the way through for the day. C was supposed to then reciprocate sleepover, but that didn’t work out quite so well. Perhaps two nights in a row wasn’t the best move! But they’re such great mates, and did really well overall. Master Six was in heaven, gaming with the big kids! Why yes, I do believe I AM raising the next generation!

Today was a home day – kids attempted to brave the swimming pool again, with Missy being much more adventurous than the boy, who wimped out really quickly! Still too cold though really. Got some much needed tidying up done, but not much of importance. REALLY must tackle some of that list soon… Hopefully more productive tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous

    I am sorry for leaving it to the last day. I didn’t actually know what you looked like and didn’t want to spend my breaks staring at everyone’s chest to check out names! I wish I’d found you earlier too.

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