Aussie Honorable Mentions from Ellen Datlow

has posted her HMs for the Year’s Best Horror (of 2008). Well done everyone who got a mention! (The book is out real soon from Nightshade Press)

Congrats particularly to , ASIM 37 author Penny-Anne Beudoin, Bren MacDibble (Shiny 4), Rob Shearman, Kaaron Warren, Angela Slatter, , and all other TPP and ASIM authors who garnered a mention! 

The awesome Aussie (where Aussie is a very arbitrary term used to recognise authors known to be Australian and sometimes those published in Australian publications!) mentions are (hope I didn’t miss anyone!):

Arthur, Keri “To Die For,” Hotter Than Hell.
Battersby, Lee “In From the Snow,” Dreaming Again.
Battersby, Lee “Rabbit, Run,” Scary Food.
Battersby, Lee “The Claws of Native Ghosts,” The Beast Within.
Battersby, Lyn “As We Know It,” Borderlands 10.
Beaudoin, Penny-Anne “Drowning in Air,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 37.
Biancotti, Deborah “Pale Dark Soldier,” Midnight Echo 1.
Brown, Simon “A Thousand Natural Shocks,” Borderlands, 10.
Brown, Simon “Empire,” Dreaming Again.
Browne, Adam “The Final Writings of Baron Sir Heinrich Proteus von Z…”Aurealis 40.
Burrage, Nathan “Spirals in the Sky,” Aurealis 40.
Conyers, David “Homo Canis,” 2008 Award Winning Australian Writing.
Dann, Jack “Under the Shadow of Jonah,” Postscripts 15.
Dedman, Stephen “Teeth,” Clarkesworld 18.
Dix, Shane “The Man Who Murdered Love,” Borderlands 10.
Douglass, Sara “This Way to the Exit,” Dreaming Again.
Dowling, Terry “The Fooly,” Dreaming Again.
Green, Christopher “Lakeside,” Dreaming Again.
Haines, Paul “Taniwha, Swim with Me,” Midnight Echo 1.
Haines, Paul “The Festival of Colour,” GUD 2.
Harland, Richard “A Guided Tour in the Kingdom of the Dead,” Dreaming Again.
Henry, Loïc “Celadon Green,” ASIM 33.
Hood, Robert “Kulpunya,” Exotic Gothic.
Jamieson, Trent “The New Deal,” Dreaming Again.
Kum, Tessa “Bitter Elsie Mae,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 34.
Lanagan, Margo “Night of the Firstlings,” Eclipse Two.
Lanagan, Margo “The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross,” Dreaming Again.
Lanagan, Margo “The Cheese Thing,” Scary Food.
(And of course, Margo’s horribly nasty story "The Goosle" is reprinted in the collection)
Livings, Martin “Piggies,” Midnight Echo 1.
Maloney, Geoffrey “The Tingler’s Tale,” Canterbury 2100.
McDermott, Kirstyn “Painlessness,” GUD 2.
McDibble, Bren “Being Bella Wang,” Shiny 4.
McHugh, Ian “Bitter Dreams,” Writers of the Future volume XXIV.
Nahrung, Jason “Smoking, Waiting for the Dawn,” Dreaming Again.
Purvis, Kent “Pieces of Eight,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 32.
Shearman, Robert “Be of Good Cheer,” Midnight Echo 1.
Shearman, Robert “Mortal Coil,” Tiny Deaths.
Shearman, Robert “Tiny Deaths,” (novella), Tiny Deaths.
(okay, Rob’s not an Aussie, but we’ll claim him anyway – see his novelette out now from Twelfth Planet Press!)
Slatter, Angela “Dresses, Three,” Shimmer 8.
Slatter, Angela “Little Radish, February.
Slatter, Angela “The Hummingbird Heart,” Shimmer 9.
Slatter, Angela “The Jacaranda Wife,” Dreaming Again.
Sparks, Cat “Piper,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 36.
Sterns, Aaron “The Rest is Silence,” Dreaming Again.
Sussex, Lucy “Robots and Zombies, Inc,” Dreaming Again.
Tambour, Anna “Succession at Quandong Creek, (poem) Heliotrope, spring.
Totten, Sarah “The Stone Man,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 33.
Warren, Kaaron “Down to the Silver Spirits,” Paper Cities.
Westwood, Kim “Nightship,” Dreaming Again.


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4 responses to “Aussie Honorable Mentions from Ellen Datlow

  1. Anonymous

    It’s so exciting to see Tessa’s story from ASIM 34 in that list! Makes me feel proud 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I believe I am allowed to ‘squeeeeeeeeeeee’!

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