More holiday fun – except now it’s more like work!

Yesterday I took the kids to the shops, to buy Master Six yet another new pair of goggles for swimming lessons next week – he got two pairs for swimming lessons a few weeks ago and managed to lose one pair (the expensive ones, naturally) and the other set simply didn’t work for him. Also managed to find some ginormous swimmers and boardies for me, as I’ll take Missy Three in the pool too while he’s got lessons. Will not be pretty, but at least I’ll be decent! We also picked up some bits and pieces for Missy’s birthday party goody bags – essential shopping that!

I then took the pair of them to the lovely new cinemas next to the shopping centre and we watched "Shorts" – only two toilet breaks for Missy, which is good, and we saw most of it – kids both enjoyed it, I didn’t hate it, win! 

Today was the first day of the national library conference – I broke my Perth public transport virginity and caught the train up – very easy and not too crowded for most of the journey up to Perth. Not quite so nice on the way home – Royal Show traffic I’m guessing, cos I left early to avoid the peak travel time, to no avail. Was packed, and I was most cross to see the amount of teenagers sitting in seats while there were lots of adults, elderly and pregnant people (ie: ME!) standing! Rude little shits.

Enjoyed the day otherwise – program is pretty good, some great speakers and lots of food for thought! I’ve been merrily tweeting it today, forgetting I’d made my Twitter private – changed the settings tonight so hopefully will actually be useful to more than one or two people on my Tweet buddies list tomorrow!

Off to get organised for tomorrow now – and update some Last Short Story spreadsheets!

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  1. Anonymous

    You’ll never wind up in the poorhouse if you set out to manufacture kids’ swimming goggles. Or school hats. Or lunchboxes. Or school sweatshirts…

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