Holidays the second

Sunday was spent not achieving much actually. I’m sure I did stuff, but I dunno what it was! Took Miss 3 to her friend’s house for friend’s party, and had a nice chat with the family and visitors. Master 6 and I came home and he attempted to have the first swim for the warm weather but completely chickened out, much to my amusement. Picked Missy up about 6ish (after a quick nanna nap), and came home to feed kids, put them to bed, then watch Watchmen (thanks Bigpond Movies) while turning a PDF of New Ceres Nights into an RTF. In 2.5 hours I got through <2 stories. This could take some time. If anyone knows a better way to convert PDFs to USABLE rtfs, I’d like to know about it! Because I’m transferring from approx A5 PDF to A4 doc, I have to go through at fix all the unnecessary hard returns (and add in the tabs, which have disappeared shard it! And I can’t just use the original rtf files because all our final edits/proofing was done on the InDesign files after layout. Sigh. Just takes time I guess.

But that’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done this last two days that was even remotely on my list of jobs! Today we changed Master Six’s VacSwim course to the short course days, which now means instead of nice early classes we’re mid-afternoon, which kind of sucks, but anyway… Also went and drove around the train station carpark to check parking prices (nil!) so I’ll be public transporting to the ASLA conference this week! That’s right, I’ve NEVER been on the train here! I’ve done it in other cities, but not here, so it’s a big adventure really 🙂 Not much else achieved today, except I finally vacuumed the car (which needs a far stronger vacuum than mine is these days – think I might need to get it professionally detailed after so long neglected) and that’s about it!

So very little achieved on the job list front, but some productivity, sort of. And I forgot to put Last Short Story and Aurealis judging reading on the list, which is something I’m doing and can tick off daily!

X amount of book reviews (X being an unknown value, but I’m pretty sure is currently <5)
Enjoy house settlement!
If house settlement is enjoyed, organise new aircon, freestanding dishwasher and perhaps pool equipment.
Marking – four assignments
Go through clothes and bedding and get rid of a bunch
Sell boat (this may be a problem with husband and son, but seriously, we’ve had it TWO YEARS and it’s NEVER been used! Hubby has no boat licence and the boat is no longer registered! Waste of space…)
Get WA drivers’ licence – yeah yeah, been here two years now…
National Library Conference (three days)
Organise and have Miss Three’s 4th birthday party! Have bought invites, have pressies, just the party really. (booked venue and wrote party invites, ordered special balloons!)
Entertain children!
TPP jobs (Fictionwise, newsletter) (minimal progress made!)
WASLA newsletter
Finish slushing and finalise Spec Fic for Kids lineup!
Last Short Story reading
Aurealis reading


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5 responses to “Holidays the second

  1. Anonymous

    Did you try this?
    It’s a good start, which you can then fix.

  2. Anonymous

    What about using the version of the documents right before you pdf’ed em? The last corrected word doc or something?

    • Anonymous

      Problem is, we make so many corrections and changes on the InDesign documents after layout. It’d take more time to re-proof/edit than it does to do it this way prolly. Get into a routine after a while, and I’m catching up on some movies while I’m doing it!

      • Anonymous

        unless you want us to do a final proof, we could do that, would mean you could farm off some of the work to me.

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