Started the holidays out with a bang yesterday (we had an extra day for being a Catholic school 🙂 ) – the kids both had school/daycare, so I dropped Master Six at school in the morning (second time all year!) and them Missy Three at daycare, and hied off to the shopping centre for a ME day! Got my hair done (new hairdresser on recommendation of a work colleague – very nice, but a bit dearer than I’m used to!), a pedicure, a facial, had lunch with the girls (and one husband, who is completely un-intimidated by five women!) and shopped! Was awesome.

Today we mostly spent at home, other than a quick trip to the grocery store (unimpressed with the "night" fill bloke who knocked Miss Three over with his massive trolley in the middle of the busiest hour of a Saturday – night fill means NIGHT!), but got the kids’ rooms completely cleaned up to start the hols, and all the washing caught up, which is a nice start. Also updated a few spreadsheets I’d got a bit behind on and a few other bits and pieces jobs – trying to have a productive fortnight as there’s lots that needs doing!

Hopefully, will achieve the following in the next two weeks:

X amount of book reviews (X being an unknown value, but I’m pretty sure is currently <5)
Enjoy house settlement!
If house settlement is enjoyed, organise new aircon, freestanding dishwasher and perhaps pool equipment.
Marking – four assignments
Go through clothes and bedding and get rid of a bunch
Sell boat (this may be a problem with husband and son, but seriously, we’ve had it TWO YEARS and it’s NEVER been used! Hubby has no boat licence and the boat is no longer registered! Waste of space…)
Get WA drivers’ licence – yeah yeah, been here two years now…
National Library Conference (three days)
Organise and have Miss Three’s 4th birthday party! Have bought invites, have pressies, just the party really.
Entertain children!

ETA: TPP jobs (Fictionwise, newsletter)
WASLA newsletter
Finish slushing and finalise Spec Fic for Kids lineup!

Lots of little jobs involved in all that I guess. Fun!

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