Worth noting that I'm 20 weeks today. A little tired, but feeling otherwise great! Tummy sticking out a fair bit, which bodes ill for nine months! Feeling lots of flutters and wriggles, which may also bode ill for later in the term! May get hubby to take some pix during the week 🙂


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7 responses to “Pregnancy

  1. Anonymous

    I must’ve missed the original announcement, so a belated congratulations! (-:

  2. Anonymous

    Half way, counting down now, instead of up (at least that is what I did). Yay!

    • Anonymous

      It’s surreal how quickly it’s going, but I like the counting down idea!

      • Anonymous

        Heh, it may be going quickly now, but boy doesn’t it slow down in the last 4 weeks…??
        My daughter’s prep teacher from the beginning of the year was back in class today showing off her brand new twin boys. They are so beautiful that they almost made me feel clucky…almost! Then I remembered that both of mine are now at school and I went shopping instead *grin*.

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