Family update

It occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned hubby’s recovery from his hernia operation – was pretty slow, a lot slower than he expected I think. He was off work for three weeks all up, but when he went back to work, he ended up having to take a day off and then going on reduced hours for the rest of the week. He was only at work for a week, but after another week at home, he’s gone back to normal hours and work with no ill effects. All fixed, apparently 🙂

In other news, my house looks AWESOME after a two week visit from my dad, who painted the whole interior. I’m no longer embarrassed to have visitors 🙂  The second day he was here though, we had a flooding incident in the bathroom, which flooded the carpeted hallway, carpeted kid room, cork kid room, living area tiles and a little of our carpeted room. Insurance has dried it all, relaid new underlay and cleaned the carpets (making me cross, because they also knocked off strips of the brand new skirting board paint – grrrr. Getting inspected tomorrow). Doesn’t look any better than it did before, but no worse either, which is good. And probably cleaner. Although the hall cupboard (carpeted) didn’t get done, which I’ll point out tomorrow.

Finally got around to doing the enrolment forms for Miss 3 for big school Kindy next year – and Master 6 was most responsible by taking the forms to the office for me 🙂 And speaking of the children, had my 19 week ultrasound today, and all looks good. The bub is a little wriggler, refusing to stay still for the ultrasound operator (who was WONDERFUL – chatted the whole way through, describing every thing as she went), but also refusing to take its hands off its face, so we didn’t get a decent 4D image, which is a bugger, as hubby wasn’t there to see it, and some good pix would have been nice. And yes, for the first time, I DO know the gender – I didn’t want to find out with either of the others, but for some reason I did with this one. Being careful about posting about it, cos Mum doesn’t want to know. Good luck with that I say, cos hubby simply can’t keep a secret!

So all is going well in the family. Looking forward to the holidays to get some more house sorting out done, and the year simply seems to be FLYING by!

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