Taking branding to extremes

I once read Wuthering Heights. A loooong time ago. I don’t think it’s something fans of Twilight (in general) would like, relate to, or understand, despite it being mentioned in Eclipse. But publishers are nothing if not opportunistic…


It’s not just the art – the taglines read – “Bella & Edward’s Favorite Book” and “Love never dies”.

On the other hand, maybe it will entice a few new readers to the classics. Or fill some publishing coffers at least…


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6 responses to “Taking branding to extremes

  1. Anonymous

    This actually makes me really sad. They feel the need to use crap like Twilight to sell the classics. 😦

  2. Anonymous

    Actually I’m currently rereading Wuthering Heights and I think if you like Twilight you might well like it. Same destined love that is forbidden.

  3. Anonymous

    Bah, I don’t recall flowers playing a huge role in Wuthering Heights. Or any role. As for diminishing it to a love story…no, we won’t go there.

  4. Anonymous

    Wuthering Heights is one of my all time faves, I guess Twilight fans might like it, but I and with buffysquirrel in thinking it’s a huge shame to lump these two together. Wuthering Heights is beautiful and complex where Twilight is vacuous and annoying.

  5. Anonymous

    Having just finished reading Twilight and remembering being forced to read Wuthering Heights at school I can only say that four huge volumes of Twilight are only good for holding back four large doors and the best thing about Wuthering Heights was the Kate Bush song.
    Fine, call me a philistine if you will, I can live with that, but can I pinch the Angel userpic? Pretty Please?

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