Good day

Had a meeting with the Principal this morning, regarding replacing me while I’m on maternity leave (she’s approved half pay, AND coming back part time! Among other things…) Have had some very positive validation from this principal over the last week, so feeling pretty good about that. I love my job, and that shows I think 🙂

The rest of the day was super busy, as we had the celebratory day for our college namesake, which involved lots of student wrangling, but a day outdoors (somehow we jagged a lovely day!) and culminated in reffing a game of volleyball (staff vs students) which I thoroughly enjoyed (and which made me realise how much I miss playing!).

Also had phone calls and emails from the insurance company – looks like we’ll be getting some replacement floor coverings which is wonderful – RAC rocks!

Came home to painted ceilings in the living areas, and a new front fence and a clean (expensively!) pool. Washed up, did washing, made dinner with dad, wrangled v. tired Miss Three and am now pretty stuffed – but in a good way!

Might go have a warm bath and read a book for a little while. And early night for me methinks.

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