Husband update

He has a hernia. Has been lucky enough to get on an operating list immediately (workers comp doctor rocks!) and we are currently sitting at what must be the poshest hospital inPerth, The Mount, waiting. I brought laptop, iPhone, books and crocheting with me, and may pop down to the shops a bit later too 🙂

Yes, I’m certain he will be fine. It’s going to be a long recovery (for me!) though!!

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3 responses to “Husband update

  1. Anonymous

    Yikes! Hope he recovers quickly!

  2. Anonymous

    Hoping he recovers quickly!

  3. Anonymous

    They’re pretty non-life-threatening, but they’re a royal pain to live with. You are indeed lucky the worker’s comp will kick in. Younger Son had a hernia op a couple years back. Just one night in hospital, and a few days taking it easy.
    He’ll be fine. Just make sure he doesn’t do anything stupidly excessive during the recovery phase. Not to put too fine a point on it, that would include excessive things in the bedroom too.

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