You never know what you’re gonna get…

So hubby rings yesterday arvo and calmly tells me that a slab of rock slipped off the mine wall the night before and pinned him on the leg. No damage except for muscle strain and grazes from trying to struggle out from under it, going to work tonight. Oh, righto then. Two hours later, another phone call saying they’re flying me back in tomorrow, seems I do have an injury that requires treatment (minor operation). So I’m sitting at the “industrial” airport waiting for him, to take him to the first of what promises to be a few doctor appointments to get him all fixed up.

Later… Didn’t get to post this before. Now sitting in doctor surgery waiting for appointment. Hubby seems okay, but has stiffened up a lot in the two hours or so we’ve been wandering about Cottesloe,
so he’s clearly not as “fine” as he thought he was!

More later.

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6 responses to “You never know what you’re gonna get…

  1. Anonymous

    Bloody hell! Hope he’s ok – working on a mine sounds dangerous, again!

  2. Anonymous

    Big scare. Hope he’s OK

  3. Anonymous

    Best wishes and hope he’s all sorted quickly.

  4. Anonymous

    Ow… shite! Best wishes to all.

  5. Anonymous

    “It’s just a flesh wound” … Men!!!
    Hope he’s feeling better soon.

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