Some Twelfth Planet Press updates

Horn has been receiving some nice reviews, most recently in Queensland’s Courier Mail yesterday – no online link unfortunately, but we’ll be posting bits and pieces 🙂

New Ceres Nights
has also surfaced in a book blog review over at   – good to see the books out and about!

This past week or so has seen a lot of proofing for Deborah Biancotti’s collection A Book of Endings, launching at Continuum next month – dark and deep and somewhat twisty, with beautiful Biancotti soul.

I’ve also spent a bit of time working on some advertising stuff for Twelfth Planet Press, which is now out it the wild.

And this is the last week of the open reading period for (working title) Spec Fic for Kids – submission guidelines are here: 

If you are really keen to submit but the deadline is looking ominous to you, drop me a line, as I’m a bit flexible for authors I know/have worked with in the past. 

I’m also hitting a stumbling block on the title. Spec Fic for Kids was only intended to be a working title, but now I can’t think of anything else! Suggestions gratefully received!

/TPP Tehani Update


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11 responses to “Some Twelfth Planet Press updates

  1. Anonymous

    Specfic is really wide. I’m not sure what the focus the kids anthology has, if any, so maybe the title needs to focus on the readers, rather than the stories. They are the new generation genre readers. Some title that reflects a starting point/take-off/point of birth might suit.

    • Anonymous

      Good thought! Any suggestions? 🙂

      • Anonymous

        As I said, that might need to depend on the content of the anthology.
        Something like Take-off! will probably imply a greater techie/SF content, although I have to admit it sounds like a catchy title all of a sudden 😉

  2. Anonymous

    Ooh, that collection’s closing this week? I’d better pull my finger out, I have an old story that I wrote for my niece many many years ago, a story that I love to bits but never found an appropriate venue for… until now. Hope you don’t mind horror for kids. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    As for a title… how about “Big Bangs”? 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe wait to see the final story list? There might be a great story title you can crib, or a good theme emerging…

    • Anonymous

      That’s a very good point, o wise one! How dare you be so wise when you are so pregnant?! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It’s the Buddha belly that does it. Also way more blood pumping around than usual, makes me like with the smarts!

  5. Anonymous

    You don’t want me helping with titles. That’s a Bad Idea right there. Best of luck with that thing…

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