Call for Superhero Poetry

I so don’t envy the person editing this, but I’m sure I have flisters who would write awesome contributions to it! via  :

Passing this along because I know other people are interested in superhero stuff:


We are currently seeking submissions for an anthology of superhero poetry, tentatively titled "Between Saviors and Villains: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry Inspired by American Superheroes."

Send 3-6 poems and a cover letter including your contact information, comments on how your poems are meant to explore the concept of superheroes, and a brief bio to<superheropoetryanthology(at)> (replace (at) with @). Please include all materials in one attached (.rtf) document. Simultaneous submissions are fine, as are poems previously published in magazines, chapbooks, and full-length poetry collections. Please note these credits in your bio.

Questions? Please email us at<superheropoetryanthology(at)> (replace (at) with @).


In South Bend through at least August 8, and short on net time, be patient with me if I’m not replying and please feel free to mail me and tell me to answer my frickin’ mail if it’s pressing.

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