Holidays? What?

So, one more day of school holidays, and it doesn’t even feel like we’ve had two weeks off. Not that I’ve been ultra busy or anything. Pretty much the opposite in fact, we’ve been pretty slack and haven’t done too much or seen too many people, which is a bit disappointing. I did get a few extra-curricular jobs done – a judging role I was asked to do, the WASLA Term 3 newsletter, and a (paying!) editing job for a colleague from school, which will be nice for the coffers when those monies come in. In terms of the house, unfortunately didn’t achieve much. Felt pretty tired and crook first week of the hols, and then hubby wasn’t well when he came home in the second week, so it wasn’t til today that we actually did anything towards sorting and unpacking any more boxes. Ah well. Things are a little more organised now, so I can poke along and unpack some stuff.

I have to admit, I’m not really enamoured with this new house. While it’s not that bad (and my auntie was fairly impressed when she visited last weekend), it’s small, and we were pretty spoiled at the house we were renting in terms of space and "niceness". This one is, well, not. Structurally sound, the pool is nice (although getting pretty filthy with this rotten weather we’ve had since we moved in!), but so much to do – and the kitchen is tiny, and the plumbing isn’t great, and the bills just keep rolling in… /whinge. I know I’ll get over it – just got to get used to it and start getting some things done, and we’ll be right. Bad timing too.

So, I did get to catch up with   and   and kids in the first week, which was, as usual, lovely. And then we went with Auntie Gene down to see Auntie Jacey and cousin Mel on the Saturday and had a really lovely afternoon. Ridiculous that we don’t catch up with them more! Saw Ice Age 3 with both kids early in the hols, and Harry Potter with Miss 3 (cos hubby was sick and big boy didn’t want to see it), which was a bit of a write off – too long and boring for her, although I liked it. Also took Missy to a friend’s birthday party today – always terribly exciting. 🙂 We did enjoy a trip to Scitech yesterday – Master 6 had been before with daycare, but we hadn’t, and it was a nice afternoon out, although Missy wasn’t the best behaved child we’ve had!

And that was about it for our hols! Pretty boring all up. Got a few books read, a few reviews written, quite a lot of Facebook Scrabble and a few other bits and pieces. Not enough schoolwork as usual *sigh* Will mean for a couple of late nights to come. WHY do I do it!?

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