Real Estate Agents are lying bastards

I don’t think I have any on my flist – if I do, I apologise because naturally I don’t mean YOU! But the real estate agent we’ve had to deal with for the new property is an absolute tosser, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s not a little split personality, because the two phone calls I had with him this afternoon were like dealing with two completely different people! 

I then had a lovely phone call with the very sane conveyancing solicitor (REALLY glad I went with the solicitor now, and not the straight conveyancer). Hopefully all will be well for settlement Friday. Think the RE Agent is playing games, although have no idea why (well, we think he might be related to the tenants in the house, but who knows).

But seriously, if you knew, as the agent, that the property managers were dragging their feet and that there was even the SLIGHTEST chance that settlement would be delayed when you KNEW the new owners HAD to be out of their current rental by the day BEFORE that delayed date, wouldn’t you let the new owners know?


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