Long Weekend Day 3

Slow start, but once the kitchen was (again! Do we have mess fairies?!) cleaned up and usable, got a bit done. Played a bit of Wii with the boy (he’s mad on Wii Sports, and I flog him in tennis, but he beats me consistently in Sega Bass Fishing…) during the day, but otherwise, mostly just read a bit and packed. Kids rooms are now pretty much done. I always get a bit complacent in packing, cos it never seems like there’s as much to do as there really is. Experience, however, has taught me this assumption is incorrect. It may not mean I actually do anything about it, but at least I *know* there’s at least 10 boxes of kitchen stuff to do, and probably even two more in the lounge room, and loads of clothes and shoes in the bedroom. Bathrooms are at least a box each. See, I KNOW this, and I probably should have done more today, but I needed a nana nap this arvo, so I took it. Meant I packed more afterwards, and I even finished the ironing (which   said looked scary yesterday!). So I did alright. No marking though, and this is starting to really bother me, cos we have reports soon. Gragh.


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2 responses to “Long Weekend Day 3

  1. Anonymous

    I so have been thinking I should have done some of that ironing.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe that you were worrying about ironing in the middle of packing. You do know that most of the time the creases fall out of your clothes after they’ve been on your body for a few minutes????
      I hate ironing. Will do almost anything to avoid it. Have successfully used the above fact to justify sending the children to school in un-ironed uniforms. They do wear polo shirts not normal shirts so this isn’t has “bad mummy” as it sounds *grin*.
      Good luck with the packing.

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