Recording the day…

‘Twas a busy one. Though you’d not know it to look now, had a big clean up this morning, got some groceries to tide us through the week, picked up some more book boxes from the removalists, then came home to start packing again. The truly awesome   (and Benji!) came at midday and we got all the big bookcase and knick knacks (time consuming, with all the little fiddlies having to find their own boxes – A said it was like an IQ test!) cupboards packed. Thank goodness for  , because it would have taken three times as long without her I’m sure! Yakking does make the time, and work, go faster 🙂  We also went over the proof copy of Horn, and fixed a few final minor issues, and the redo of New Ceres Nights. Look for both at Conjecture next weekend! Horn looks freaking AWESOME – you should go order it 🙂

Friends from Queensland (over for treatment for lung cancer) also visited, which was lovely. They were supposed to be staying with us but between the various illnesses we’ve had and the move, it was easier for them to stay with rellies in South Perth. They might come stay for a few days once we’re in the new house.

And I think I’m all about bed now. Been a busy day!

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  1. Anonymous

    Mazal tov!

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