So, what to do with my plane fares…?

Turns out I have to rebook the tickets, rather than have them in credit. Yes, I *could* go to Conflux (but Tiger doesn’t fly direct from Perth to Canberra), or Continuum, but hubby isn’t all that interested. However, both of us are quite keen to visit Tassie. We’re thinking about the week prior to Conflux. Should we go Launceston or Hobart?


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6 responses to “So, what to do with my plane fares…?

  1. Anonymous

    If Hobart then you can meet our new BABY….

  2. Anonymous

    Definitely Hobart!

  3. Anonymous

    Both are nice, but I’d go to Hobart. There’s more to see and do around there.

  4. Anonymous

    The most glorious bits of Tasmania are outside of the cities. There is a lot of fabulous natural beauty. So, if you go for a week, hire a car (or convince a local to drive you around) for some of it. And if you have a car for a few days, it is quite easy to drive from one city to the other without getting bored (lots to things to stop and see in between).
    That said, if you have to choose, Hobart. Though Fee and Me in Lonnie is one of the best restaurants in Australia (or it was a decade or so ago, anyway), and the Tamar valley near Lonnie is full of great wineries.
    I myself am weirdly cursed. I have visited Tassie three times, and each time I spent half the trip or more mostly inside Wrest Point Casino, which is pretty close to the worst place in Tasmania. is only responsible for one of those times 🙂

    • Anonymous

      So you could fly into one, explore it for a day or so, drive to the other (only a few hours direct, or stopping somewhere picturesque on the way), explore the other, and fly home from there. Both cities have picturesque old buildings, big well-established public gardens etc, and natural beauty close by. And seafood 😉

  5. Anonymous

    I have absolutely no opinion on Tasmania at all (never been there), but really loving the Angelly goodness of your icon. Mmmmmm.

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