If it’s any consolation…

Well, no, it probably won’t be any consolation by the time I’m neck deep in moving in two weeks time, but we consoled ourselves on our non-Adelaide-ing with two rather expensive "investments" today. Decided it was time to buy the Wii. And two kittens! Thanks to Monissa for the second name – we’re calling them Phoenix and Gryphon! Don’t get them til we move, but it’ll be a nice reward 🙂

We also saw Night at the Museum 2. Very silly, much more so than the first one, which was done believably. This one was a bit heavy on the stupid side (Hank Azaria was very over-the-top, and seriously, the slapping monkey joke was old in the FIRST movie!). But the kids liked it, and even we had a giggle at times. Althoguh possiby not for exactly the right reasons!

Fun, if expensive, day.

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