No Natcon for me :(

Due to the frustrating timing of the house settlement, and subsequent date for having to be out of THIS house, I have to cancel our trip to Adelaide (booked for at LEAST six months now). I put this decision off as long as possible, but now it seems pretty certain we won’t settle til June 2nd, not next week as I’d hoped.

This sucks for a great many reasons. Firstly, of course, I really wanted to see all those of you who are going. Swancon this year was fun, but didn’t have nearly enough of the people I want to hang out with there. Second, I’m going to be out of pocket for the room deposit and flights and full membership. Well, the room deposit, definitely, but hopefully the flights will go into credit. Which might not be very useful, as we have no other flying plans in the next twelve months at this stage. Particularly not on Tiger… Thirdly, I’m gonna miss seeing Adelaide, as I’ve never been. Fourthly, I was looking forward to launching Horn with Alisa, and hopefully talking to authors about the new projects we’re currently reading for and all that. Fifthly, I wanted to be at the business meeting, as the last one was so productive.

Oh yeah, and y’know, maybe doing some con stuff too.

Sucks all round.

So, if anyone doesn’t yet have con hotel accommodation booked, I have not cancelled yet – it’s a two bedroom suite. Also, if anyone wants to buy my full membership, I’ll sell at the price I paid (earlybird rate, back in 2008), and I’ll repurchase an associate membership instead.

*sigh* I’m sad now. I’ve also warned hubby that I’ll most likely be in a very bad mood on that weekend. He’s been warned.


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8 responses to “No Natcon for me :(

  1. Anonymous

    May I purchase your membership?
    I am going on a budget

  2. Anonymous

    Aaww, T. That really sucks. I wish there was something I could do to help.

  3. Anonymous

    I am not going either cos of this pesky giant baby inside me. We can sulk together!!!
    They will so not have any fun without us. Anything we hear will be LIES.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I can back that up for you. I will make sure no one has any fun at all.

    • Anonymous

      Oh good, at least SOMEONE else in the world will be online that weekend! I remember Conflux last year when the interwebs went deathly still for the duration…

  4. Anonymous

    Another fellow sad member of the collective can’t-get-to-Adelaide misery club.
    Perhaps I’ll see you at Continuum.

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