MS Read-a-thon

So I was noodling around on the MS Read-a-thon website today, making sure I knew the process for the kiddies, when I noticed that you could sign up as an adult participant. Well, yay! So I signed up. I figured I can justify the massive amounts of reading I’m doing even more if I’m raising money for a good cause!

If you would like to sponsor my reading for the MS Read-a-thon, drop me a comment so I can email you the link – for some reason it doesn’t let me link to the Sponsor Me page!

*goes off to read some more*


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3 responses to “MS Read-a-thon

  1. Anonymous

    y’know, I couldn’t be sure, but i think I participated in the very first MS Readathon. The “prizes” that year were books. I got one of Leon Garfield books. Not sure which one.

  2. Anonymous

    Yay MS Readathon!!!
    (I give enough for MS at home thought. : )

  3. Anonymous

    Would love to sponsor – good luck!

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