House update

Well, all the paperwork is signed, and hopefully in the right places. Fingers crossed. I rang the real estate agent again yesterday to see if there’s any (good) news on when the tenant was moving out. After about five minutes of waffling (is it some sort of requirement for agents that they must bullshit their way through three quarters or more of any conversation?) he finally said that he had heard late Thursday that the tenant has found a new property, and may be out as early as May 27 (yay!) but no later than June 2 (not-so-yay). June 2 is the day after the long weekend here in WA, but not long enough before we fly out on Thursday nite (well, 5 past midnight Friday morning really) for the property to have its final inspection, settle, and us move in. Grrr. So I’m hoping for May 27, which would give us a couple of days for the property to be inspected and settle, and then the long weekend for us to move. But I need to KNOW!


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