Child woes

Miss Three has been ill all week. Fortunately Daddy came home Tuesday night, so I only had to take Tuesday off (which didn’t hurt as I’ve had the same nasty cold for two weeks, and was stuffed). She’s a bit better now, but ever so fragile emotionally, and clingy and tired. On Tuesday, she slept for FIVE HOURS in the middle of the day, after sleeping all night the night before AND still going to bed at a reasonable hour that night! Unfortunately, Daddy is not so good at letting children have sleep opportunities, so while she probably could have done with three or four hours each day, she didn’t get it 😦

Anyway, fingers crossed she’ll get better over the weekend. However, her being sick meant I missed out on seeing the school production last night (we were all going to go, but she wouldn’t have managed it). And it looked SO cool! "Zombied", a musical… 🙂 On the plus side, I slept for eleven hours last night, so it was probably for the best.

Today I’m supposed to be at the English Teacher’s Association Conference, but I needed a day at home (and some family time). Will go tomorrow though.

Need to go do more washing, and start the packing. *sigh*

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