Star Trekkin’, across the universe….

I just got given two free tickets to the new Star Trek flick in Belmont tonight. I’m hoping I have a babysitter, but I DO know I’m not sure I have a second! I’ve asked a buddy at school, but he, like me, has child issues and may not be able to make it. So I’m calling for expressions of interest 🙂

7pm, Reading Cinemas, Belmont.



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5 responses to “Star Trekkin’, across the universe….

  1. Anonymous

    If we lived closer I’d offer to babysit.

  2. Anonymous

    Interested 😛

    • Anonymous

      You not coming to the Swancon screening tomorrow then gj?

      • Anonymous

        I dunno. Just got invited to dinner beforehand for it too.
        And I have a massive headache today. Am all out of sorts and should not be relied on for decision making.

  3. Anonymous

    I should probably not go tonight! Have some kind of crick in my neck

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