Last chance for Ditmars!

Only a day or so left to NOMINATE for the Ditmars! Don’t miss out on your chance to contribute to the Ditmar-y goodness! Remember, you only need to be a fan to nominate – it’s not until voting time that eligibility includes membership of this or last year’s Natcon!

Plenty of people have posted eligible works (including me!), and if you google blog search "Ditmars", most of those blog posts should come up! But really, if you’ve read or seen ANYTHING you loved by Australian spec fic creators in the past twelve months, you should nominate it! 

Nominations are open until midnight tomorrow to nominate for the Ditmar Awards. Rules and categories are here:
Email your nominations to

Go! Nominate!

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One response to “Last chance for Ditmars!

  1. Anonymous

    Damien Broderick, fiction editor of excellent Australian science magazine Cosmos, emailed a few old Cosmos contributors pointing out that “Delivery” by Trent Jamieson (Cosmos 21, June/July 2008)and “Untangling the Future” by Ingrid Banwell (Cosmos Online, 29 Feb 2008) are both eligible in the Short Story category; Jamie Tuffrey’s “A Place to
    >Call Home” (Cosmos 20, Apr/May 08) and Justin
    >Randall “The Noise Machine” (Cosmos 24, Dec 08/Jan 09) are eligible for Best Artwork, and that “COSMOS fiction, in the magazine and online” should be eligible for Best Achievement. He’s got a point: Cosmos shouldn’t be overlooked.

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