VHS Collectors – do they exist?

I have a few boxes of VHS tapes, all in good, if not excellent condition, that I’m pretty sure I no longer want. Along with a bunch of Buffy, Angel and Friends box sets (I’ve replaced Buffy and Angel on DVD), there’s fifteen years worth of videos there.

My question is, would anyone want them? Seriously, is there any reason to have a film used on VHS rather than buy new on DVD?

Should I chuck ’em? Except for the kids movies (particularly the Disney ones) that I haven’t yet replaced, obviously…


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2 responses to “VHS Collectors – do they exist?

  1. Anonymous

    Check to make sure that all the titles you want have been released on DVD – some of my favourites haven’t.
    I’m currently phasing out my VHS tapes and replacing them with DVDs – but I won’t be able to replace all of them, so I’ll need to keep a VCR.

    • Anonymous

      Also – and it seems obvious, but I didn’t realise until I couldn’t find a bunch of Jimmy Stewart flicks – DVDs go out of print. If you’re replacing stuff, get it when you see it.

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