The Great Book Giveaway – a LIST!

Mostly for  , who asked on Facebook, and I only just remembered I had this! I’m having a massive book giveaway tomorrow, cos I just can’t face moving the fifty or so boxes of books we’ve been carting about even ONE more time, no matter that it IS only about a kilometre down the road! So hopefully dear friends and friends of friends will come and lighten up the boxes, at least a little…

But anyway, I remembered that I actually have a list, that was fully up to date about June of 2007, and which has been added to at random since then, of the books I own:

Obviously, not everything on there is still around, and not everything is for giveaway, and there’s certainly been HEAPS of new additions that WILL be for giveaway. But anyway, it’s a place to start 🙂

 , I found a bunch of Star Trek…

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