The Great Book Giveaway – a LIST!

Mostly for  , who asked on Facebook, and I only just remembered I had this! I’m having a massive book giveaway tomorrow, cos I just can’t face moving the fifty or so boxes of books we’ve been carting about even ONE more time, no matter that it IS only about a kilometre down the road! So hopefully dear friends and friends of friends will come and lighten up the boxes, at least a little…

But anyway, I remembered that I actually have a list, that was fully up to date about June of 2007, and which has been added to at random since then, of the books I own:

Obviously, not everything on there is still around, and not everything is for giveaway, and there’s certainly been HEAPS of new additions that WILL be for giveaway. But anyway, it’s a place to start 🙂

 , I found a bunch of Star Trek…


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5 responses to “The Great Book Giveaway – a LIST!

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks! That is quite some collection…:)

  2. Anonymous

    Want Star Trek, Want to see what else you have. Want to come tomorrow. Am wondering if I should actually spend the day working though.

  3. Anonymous

    If these are included in your giveaway I would love: The Earthsea Trilogy & Tehanu, any chick lit (Binchy/Girls’ night in…) or Pratchett that doesn’t go, Tikki Tikki Tembo if you can bear to part with it and the Glenda Larkes. Thanks! Do you mind hanging onto them til next meeting?

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, the Le Guin, Larkes and Pratchetts didn’t make it to the giveaway boxes, and Tikki didn’t either (with the kids/teen books, I couldn’t bear to part with any *I* loved as a kid!) 🙂 Do you want ALL the Binchy?

      • Anonymous

        Thought it sounded too good. : ) Any Binchys/Kellys other chick lit left over would be great to feed my addiction. Thanks!

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