Well, that was, mmmm, expensive. Decided to go to the big shopping centre today, because I wanted eyebrows done at my regular place, and that meant I could get everything we needed today with only one stop. Bad idea. I’ve been avoiding the shopping centre assiduously, for two reasons – a) it’s been revoltingly busy in there ever since they opened the new sections, and b) if I just go to IGA for groceries, we spend less money.

Today, kids got haircuts and some (needed) winter clothes, and shoes, mostly on sale at Target which was nice. A particular bargain was the Barbie brand set for Miss 3 which was on sale for 20% off but scanned at $10 cheaper than its ticketed price to start with, so went through at $15 off! Win! However, things that we DIDN’T need (such as two new shirts for me and a pair of boots) also made it into the trolley… We did get some mother’s day things as well though.

I finally caved and went into Smiggle today, primarily because I wanted to get something nice for mum for starting her new job / career (full time permanent, aged 59 – who says we’re in recession!), and they had the CUTEST USB hangmen – so I made that MY mother’s day present for next weekend… 🙂

And then there was a trolley full of groceries that’s mostly snacks and drinks for tomorrow – have no idea if three people or thirty will turn up for free books and food, but I thought I’d better be prepared! Nothing will go to waste though, as we have a Swancon 36 meeting next weekend, and then my library is hosting the Biggest Morning Tea in a few weeks, so it’s all good 🙂

Am now weary, as we had a 4.30 wakeup this morning with big boy sneezing himself silly and deciding my bed would make it stop. Ha. Lucky I went to bed early for once!

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  1. Anonymous

    But see, the new section of the shops has a Boost! 🙂

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