To be done by Tuesday and other lists

Updated and changed around a lot, so new post required:

The holidays are winding down again, but typically, my job list is growing. I need to write it down. These are the "Must Be Done Before Tuesday" jobs, and doesn’t include the usual houseworky things that have to happen always:

* Remove paint from back deck
* Apply for Access editor job (I know I said I wasn’t going to but they actually ASKED me to! It’s a night time extras thing…)
* Get WASLA newsletter done
* Marking
* Prep for school – poetry
* Prepare spare bedroom for visitors (arriving Saturday)
* Find somewhere to live (offer made on property 23/4/09 – also got two weeks extra in current house approved ETA: Bank appointment today got things in motion – contract signed!)
* get kids ready for back to school

Must be done soon:
* t-shirts for Adelaide?

First day back at work:
* Apply for unpaid leave to go to Adelaide – might not happen, but need to have it in case.
* Apply for PD days for ASLA Conference
* Take photos for WASLA article of revamped library

Coming soon:
* Clear out more crap – don’t want to move it! (ETA: Having a Great Book Giveaway next Sunday May 3rd to clear out a few boxes worth of books – if you live in my vicinity and want some free books and a cuppa or glass of wine, feel free to come along between 11am and 7pm!)
* write pending reviews for Scarecrow, Succubus in the City and The Forest of Hands and Teeth (ooh, that one will have to wait cos Kate’s got the book)
* Sort out Lightning Source account (technically could slide til later, but needs doing)
* get removalist quotes for big stuff
* Move (graaagh)
* Adelaide (hopefully)
* Judging writing competition
* Possible open reading period for Spec Fic for Kids anthology
* grant writing
* Great book giveaway!
* get together (with kids!) to farewell Matt Chrulew
* other editing commitments
* Aurealis judging starts (if they want me again 🙂 )

Things already achieved these holidays:
* Swancon & New Ceres Nights launch
* Gardens and lawns fixed up (okay, so I cheated and got Weeding Women out to do the gardens, but I still achieved it!)
* Clothes sorted and packed up 
* Rubbish in garage GONE.
* Lots of books read (does that count?)


I’ve moved a bunch of stuff from the Tuesday deadline (bah) but have achieved a bit. Having to spend many hours with real estate agent yesterday and bank manager today knocked a fair bit of time out of the equation. Helped achieve a task on the list though!


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  1. Anonymous

    I want free books

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