House Hunting, Day 2

Today we saw the final house on our shortlist – it was the second cheapest one (by $500 more than the cheapest) that we thought might suffice. We weren’t expecting much though, after those we saw yesterday for the same ball park price. We were pleasantly surprised. It’s not fancy, but it has what we need, plus a pool, large back patio, better kitchen than I’d expected, and plenty of things that don’t NEED doing, but could be made to look nicer!

We have made an offer… 

The only problem is that it’s tenanted, and the time frame doesn’t *quite* match for getting the tenants out and us needing to move – I’m trying to speak to our rental real estate about this to see if there’s any wiggle room there. Fingers crossed, otherwise we really *could* be on the street for up to two weeks! 


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2 responses to “House Hunting, Day 2

  1. Anonymous

    I know how you feel – and it is the pits! I was supposed to move house yesterday, but the vendors of the new house have LOST THE DEEDS, and so the settlement has been postponed. And they won’t give us the keys early, unless we pay rent. They expect us to RENT our new house until they either find the deeds, or get new ones done up.
    Oh, and the house that we’re currently living in is supposed to be vacant by next week for its new tenants to move into.
    So, what do I do? Suck it up and pay rent at the new house? Or stay here past the date I’m supposed to be gone, and watch the shock and horror on the faces of the new people when they roll up with their furniture, expecting to find an empty house?
    Do these things EVER go smoothly?
    I wish you the best of luck.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Sympathy
      Oh, that’s rotten! What do your solicitors say? Surely if the delay is THEIR fault you shouldn’t be penalised?! I wonder if it’s possible they have to charge rent for legal reasons? It might be possible to suggest a pittance amount for the period, or have the rent repaid to you on settlement, if it’s legalities that’s the problem.
      Do you own the house you’re moving out of? Cos I found out today that if you don’t leave a rental property by the deadline, it can take three to four WEEKS for the eviction process to take place… 🙂
      Not nice at all though.
      After some pushing, I finally got someone at our rental real estate to talk to our owners and he has no problem giving us an extra two weeks. So win for that one at least.
      Best of luck with YOUR housing issues!

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