Five day countdown

The holidays are winding down again, but typically, my job list is growing. I need to write it down. These are the "Must Be Done Before Tuesday" jobs, and doesn’t include the usual houseworky things that have to happen always:

* Remove paint from back deck
* Apply for Access editor job (I know I said I wasn’t going to but they actually ASKED me to! It’s a night time extras thing…)
* Get WASLA newsletter done
* Marking
* Prep for school – poetry
* Filing
* Prepare spare bedroom for visitors (arriving Saturday)
* Sort out Lightning Source account (technically could slide til later, but needs doing)
* Clear out more crap – don’t want to move it!
* Find somewhere to live (offer made on property 23/4/09 – also got two weeks extra in current house approved)
* get removalist quotes for big stuff
* get kids ready for back to school
* write pending reviews for Scarecrow, Succubus in the City and The Forest of Hands and Teeth (ooh, that one will have to wait cos Kate’s got the book)

Must be done soon:
* t-shirts for Adelaide?

First day back at work:
* Apply for unpaid leave to go to Adelaide – might not happen, but need to have it in case.
* Apply for PD days for ASLA Conference
* Take photos for WASLA article of revamped library

Coming soon:
* Move (graaagh)
* Adelaide (hopefully)
* Judging writing competition
* Possible open reading period for Spec Fic for Kids anthology
* grant writing
* Great book giveaway!
* get together (with kids!) to farewell Matt Chrulew

Things already achieved these holidays:
* Swancon & New Ceres Nights launch
* Gardens and lawns fixed up (okay, so I cheated and got Weeding Women out to do the gardens, but I still achieved it!)
* Clothes sorted and packed up 
* Rubbish in garage GONE.
* Lots of books read (does that count?)

I’m sure I’ll add more to the Must Be Done By Tuesday list, and I’m certain I’ve achieved more than that already, but I need to stop wasting time writing lists and actually go DO some of it now!


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12 responses to “Five day countdown

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re going to apply for it, I won’t

  2. Anonymous

    Should I give the book to gj tomorrow night if you are seeing her soon?

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