Ditmar-y goodness!

 It’s absolutely awesome to see the amount of discussion the Ditmar nominations are generating this year, and it’s even MORE awesome that in the interests of making the best possible choices, some publishers and authors are offering freebies of e-copy (and even, in the case of Sean Williams, REAL BOOKS) to assist you in making an informed decision!

Some blogs you might want to check out while you’re making your nominations:

  (free stuff!)

  (free stuff!)
  (free stuff!)

  (free stuff!)

(and my apologies to any I’ve missed – feel free to add your link in the comments!)

You might need to scroll back a few posts on the more prolific bloggers, but it’s worth it, to help get a good picture of some of the eligible works available!

I reiterate again, for novels and short stories, another good source is http://www.aurealisawards.com for last years nominations, but this is NOT all encompassing.

I also refer you to my own post about some eligible stuff from a week or so ago, here, and this one, which details the categories and how to nominate. I wish I could offer my own freebies, with copies of ASIM #36 and #37, but as I’m no longer part of the Co-op, I wouldn’t feel right asking.

Remember, nominations are open to ANY person in fandom! You don’t have to have gone to any conventions or anything to be able to nominate – it’s only voting that is restricted to members of last year’s and this year’s natcons…

Oooh, and one more thing – you don’t have to have read EVERYTHING to nominate. If you read / saw something you LOVED, you should nominate it. And you don’t have to nominate in every category – nominate what you know! What’s really important is that there’s a strong pool of nominations. Don’t be afraid of nominating something that’s not eligible or in the wrong category either – that’s why there’s a team of people behind the scenes checking eligibility *grins evilly at Dave* 🙂



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4 responses to “Ditmar-y goodness!

  1. Anonymous

    Tankee for the linkage 🙂 Although maybe I should give away something for free to attract attention. Errmmm…free registration to anyone who nominates? (despite the fact it’s free already…. :P)

  2. Anonymous

    If you’re not in it, you can’t win it 😉
    I’ll also send copies if people missed these.

  3. Anonymous

    So I can help spread the word and such, what’s required to become a judge, and what does the judging process involve? =3

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