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 So I may have been spending a bit more time (and money) on eBay, Better World Books and the like recently, to keep up to my new obsessions and maintain some old fannishness. It’s really easy for me to realise why this has happened – I almost ran out of new books to read. Despite having access to a massive collection of books that have a heavy swing towards spec fic in my school library, and at least three public libraries within walking distance, my TBR shelf that belongs to ME got down to ONE BOOK! So I went on a little spending spree at Swancon, and a little more of one online… Now I have FAR more books than needed … which is just the way I like it 🙂

The first of the new batch of online purchases came today:

To be fair, this one was purchased a while back – preordered from Subterranean Press – A Fantasy Medley, signed, limited hardcover edition, with stories by Robin Hobb, Kelley Armstrong, C.E. Murphy and Kate Elliott. Is purty. Oh my. It is also already sold out! I guess they’ll do a paperback edition too though, hopefully 🙂

The other was very exciting, cos it came from the UK and I only ordered it mid last week! Very unexpected – the Young Miles omnibus by Lois McMaster Bujold – am filling out my collection quickly 🙂

And today I started the Jennifer Scales series by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi (bought for school from Planet Books, borrowed for the hols). So far, I like!

I’m also about halfway through Firebirds Soaring, which is very good, but I’ve overdosed on short fiction. I interspersed with a few graphic novels picked up at Swancon (Marvel Identity Crisis, two Death GNs by Gaiman, Endless Nights, and an X-Men one), but I really needed a novel fix. I’m set now!

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