Diet Coke / Aspartame withdrawal phase 2

Sure, I didn’t blog phase one, but I never expected it would be so … interesting.

Some of you may know that we’re thinking about getting pregnant again. In my previous pregnancies, I was pretty good about following the rules and limiting caffeine and all those things you’re not supposed to have. So I decided to cut out Diet Coke. It was supposed to happen at the start of the year, but things were pretty hectic (and I was pretty addicted) so I kept putting it off. About three weeks ago, I took the plunge, and cut out my daily (or two) cans. And got a headache.

Now, things were pretty busy – I was sleeping well, but thought I might not have been getting enough sleep. I was working on New Ceres Nights, so spending hours and hours at the computer each night, after a day of mostly computer work. So I kind of wrote the headache off, particularly when I started getting a cold. Headache persisted About a week after my last DC, I caved under the pressure of a shitty day and had a can. Headache was gone within fifteen minutes. Cue me getting very weirded out!

 I resolved to stick it out the next time – sure enough, headache came back the next day, but not as bad, and disappeared after another day or so. So I’ve been DC free for almost two weeks now.

But, in the last week, I’ve noticed other unusual symptoms. I was ignoring them for a while, because a) it’s school holidays and the usual routines are busted, b) Swancon, which means bad food, changes in routines, not enough water, all that stuff and c) I was getting over a cold. But they’ve been persisting. So I did some googling. And am now quite horrified, but at least hopefully that what’s happening is pretty much still my body getting over its addiction to Diet Coke, and it’s lovely poison, Aspartame. 

What reactions have I had? Headache, heart palpitations, unusual bowel motions, irritability (although really, what’s different 🙂 ) and maybe some other stuff that I just didn’t take much notice of due to busy-ness and not being 100% well anyway.

You know what’s scarier? I have a Berocca daily. Berocca also contains Aspartame. I’m ditching it too. REALLY need to start reading (and understanding?!) labels. Paul Haines blogged about a book that detailed the nasties we’re putting into our bodies daily by eating and drinking so much processed crap. I’m thinking I really need to get a hold of a copy of that and start using my brain. 


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6 responses to “Diet Coke / Aspartame withdrawal phase 2

  1. Anonymous

    The headaches that go when you have some sounds more like the classic symptom of caffeine withdrawal rather than aspartame ( and, of course diet coke has caffeine as well). Which isn’t any better for you, but it might help knowing you could have coffee etc

    • Anonymous

      That was my first thought too, til I started looking into it a bit more. Plus, I never drink coffee, and while my tea intake has dropped a bit while on holidays (no lovely library assistants popping new cups down next to me while I’m working!) the headache was at its fiercest while in the week or so after the DC intake stopped, while I WAS at work, and probably drinking twice as many cups of tea as usual to make up for the lack of DC!

  2. Anonymous

    That’s a bit scary! O.O
    We really need to be better informed about what we’re putting into our bodies. As you say, labels are fine, but I wouldn’t know what half of that stuff actually is…

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, I haven’t touched anything with aspartame in it for years. I knew berocca was bad for your kidneys I think? which is why it’s a back up option for me only.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this – food for thought.

  5. Anonymous

    Note to self – also did experience nausea for a few days.

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