After a relatively quiet couple of days, spent mostly cleaning up the sadly neglected house (after so much time away over Christmas, and a full on term, it seems very little of anything much has been put away in it’s proper place for some months!), we had visitors today!   and   and assorted progeny came, whereupon small children entertained each other with dolls and drawing, and larger children were entertained with various geekery games. Awesome! Oldest child doesn’t quite fit between the larger children and adults yet, but she tries hard 🙂 

Conversation is never a problem between us three, and two bottles of wine doesn’t hurt that chattiness! I wussed out on making lunch, and we ordered in pizza instead, which kept us all happy, particularly the children. I will do better next time 🙂

The only other remotely social activity we’ve done since Monday was go to the library on Wednesday for the kiddie session – we picked up one of Master Six’s mates on the way and kept him for the day, and surprisingly they even played nicely with Miss Three as well. We’ve barely left the house otherwise this week – holidays, love ’em!

Tomorrow is the first Swancon 36 meeting, and I’ve farmed the kids out to friends’ houses, which is unexpectedly awesome. Sunday I’m hoping we might be able to make  ‘s Tupperware party, but don’t think we have any other plans then. Still lots of packing up junk to do, and lots of stuff to get rid of – clothes, books, toys, lots of stuff. Fun.

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