Swancon thank yous

I’ve probably said most of this in various other posts, but some people totally deserve to be singled out and thanked.

  – for having great ideas, for offering without any reservations, and for so generously opening her home to my kids. *hugs*
  – for being around and working hard just because she could help – can’t express how thankful I am.
The ConComm – unobtrusive and awesome and excellently helpful – particularly Maia and   for their help with the launch setup.
The Hotel staff – super friendly and helpful this year.
Liz and Russ – for being so generous with their room, table watching, and everything else.
 , Kylie and all the fan creche crew – the fan creche and the pro creche (organised by Kylie) and the Kids programme (organised by  ) was brilliant, and really made my time at the con a much better (and LONGER) experience! Thank you!

And of course,  , who did all the important things, understands when I dash off to wrangle kids, and fills in loco parentis when needed. *loves*

So many people made a positive impact on my weekend, so thank you all 🙂

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One response to “Swancon thank yous

  1. Anonymous

    I had great ideas??? Cool – what were they?
    And you and the kids are welcome anytime!

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